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My catering Academy offers you a step by step guide how turning your passion into paychecks with the goal to achieve a fully automated and successful business.
this is your season to shine!

Most have equipment

Making your business work for you is all about having the right equipment. Here we will discuss on the location for you to start, you will see the benefit and disadvantage of each one

Catering legal

Know your

This is the one of most daunting part of running a catering business. With so many misleading information out there, it is not wonder this part will simply put you off but rest reasure that we will make this easier and simple for you.

The 6 weeks catering blueprint

The moment you move towards that dream of yours with confidence, commitment and know-how to make it happen so if you are ready take this join the course buckle up and get ready for a long awaited, highly anticipated ride of your life.

we are here

The course was everything I hoped and more, the epxplanating was very simple to follow with the worksheet and Jenny was very passion. She is well knowledgeable and without her I wouldn't be able to start my business, thanks Jenny!
Alice Rish
It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from your course. You have helped me to overcome my fears and to turn my passion into cash. I have got my first client and can't wait to put things on autopilot soon.
Jenelle Scarl
Food Trader

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