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We have created a range of products to jerk, splash and satisfy your heart’s desires.

Tropical Mayo

From plain mayonnaise to jerking tropical goodness.

This combo of mango and pineapple has been an all time favourite. Now own it and use it as you desire.

Chilli sauce

You’ve told us how much you love this sauce and can’t wait for it to be on sale.

So here we are, this delicious splash brings an extra taste to anything it touches.

This sauce comes in two ( Mild and hot) degrees of heat that will satisfy the chilli beginner to a fiery heat seeker.

Jerk Seasoning

You’ve realised your jerk chicken is finger licking good, thanks to our jerk seasoning twist. To make your own super good jerk like us, you need this packed flavours to lift up your meat.

Curry Seasoning

Our Curry is unspeakably good and you know it.

Bulk Sale

If your are interested in bulk purchases or B2B orders, get in touch to discuss your need.

we can supplier you with prep meals or help you set up your own Empire, see Franchise opportunity.

If you have any questions at all or have any specific requirements, call us or contact us